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A Live Life Smiling Invisalign Patient

Dr Vaughan has undergone advanced training and is a gold qualified Invisalign provider. Invisalign is not a quick fix to orthodontic problems, but when used with care and skill, it can produce very good results.

Aligner systems, such as Invisalign, use clear removable aligners, similar to bleaching trays or retainers, to move the teeth. To manufacture the aligners Dr Vaughan takes a 3 dimensional digital image of the teeth in the mouth which is then sent to the Invisalign factory in either Costa Rica or Mexico. After Dr Vaughan writes up his prescription for the ideal tooth positions via the internet, technicians work their magic on their computers to make 3 dimensional models of the teeth. The computer then determines how many aligners are required from these models and the length of treatment. When the patient is ready to proceed with treatment the aligners are manufactured by computers and supplied to the orthodontist.

What to look for:

1. The price of Invisalign. The fee for Invisalign varies considerably and does not always reflect the quality. One practice is advertised as providing a "free initial consultation" yet they charge some patients for that "free" consultation. Would you consider this honest? Ask questions of your orthodontist before commencing aligner treatment, and compare your options. 

2. Invisalign is becoming a mass produced product & some patients are unhappy with the results. Did you know that to overcome this Invisalign provides 3 free retreatments if patients are not happy with the results. Many Invisalign providers do not inform their patients of this, and some even charge patients for the retreatment (termed "additional aligners") which are provided free by Invisalign. Before you start Invisalign treatment find out about any hidden fees and the option of additional aligners in case you are not happy with the result.

3. All orthodontic treatment requires retention. At the end of treatment, if the teeth are not retained in their positions, all the money & effort may be wasted. At Live Life Smiling we offer quality retainers inclusive in our initial treatment fee. It is not an add on later. Note that not all retainers are the same, read our comments on the quality of retainers.

Patients should also be aware that there are a number of other aligner systems for moving teeth, most of them much cheaper. Unfortunately the companies do not have the experience of Invisalign. However there is one company, Orthocaps, which is competing with Invisalign not by price, but with quality. Orthocaps is manufactured in Germany using German engineering precision and consequently Orthocaps is more suited for some patients. Dr Vaughan is the leading Orthocaps Orthodontist in Australia.


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