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What Makes Live Life Smiling Special?

There are some big differences between orthodontists and as prospective patients it is important to understand these differences. At Live Life Smiling we pride ourselves on what separates us, and we can provide our patients with some important factors to consider. At Live Life Smiling we are proud that:

Written Guarantee

We provide a written guarantee for our comprehensive orthodontic treatments (braces and aligners). Consumers expect a guarantee with many purchases, why should orthodontic treatment be any different? Orthodontic treatment is expensive, and patients have the perception that the results will last, but due to the constant growth and change in our bodies, this may not always be the case. Our written guarantee states that should there be movement following treatment, we will correct the movement, and there will be no charge for braces should they be required for the retreatment.

Involvement of Parents

Parents are encouraged to accompany their children into the surgery for every visit. Very few orthodontists will allow this, yet we consider it to be very important. It is important that the parents are involved in the treatment as much as possible, as they can help their children tackle problems like oral hygiene and care of the braces or appliance. It also allows parents to be made aware of treatment progress and any difficulties as they arise. Questions are welcomed and encouraged from both patients and parents at Live Life Smiling, as we want you to be confident you are getting the best treatment.

Fewer Extractions

Orthodontics includes the art and skill of placing the teeth to create a harmonious smile with the face. The extraction of teeth usually results in a narrower smile may not be the best result for the patient. For this reason, at Live Life Smiling we try to treat all of our patients without extractions, and before making the irreversible decision of extracting, Dr Vaughan carefully studies models, photos, and x-rays to see if there is any alternative.

Appropriate Treatment Timing

Patients often ask when is the best time for treatment. Dr Vaughan once worked for an orthodontic practice where every patient was told they had to have treatment and they had to have it now. Dr Vaughan does not believe this is appropriate or ethical, and is conservative with his treatment recommendations. He provides early treatments when he believes they are appropriate, and provides information to allow patients to make an informed decision if to proceed with treatment and when they wish to have that treatment.

Treatment Options

Dr Vaughan strives to provide multiple treatment options to all of his patients. This is to offer flexibility in appearance, cost, and length of treatment to his patients, while maintaining the quality of results.

Clear Braces

Dr Vaughan has more experience with clear braces than other orthodontist, as he has used clear braces for ALL our patients for over 20 years. Dr Vaughan believes clear braces provide a better result and so uses them for all his patients at no extra cost. You can read more about our invisible braces here.

Regular Adjustment Appointments

At Live Life Smiling we usually see our patients every 4 to 6 weeks. Some orthodontic practices only see their patients every 8 to 10 weeks. This is a point of discussion among orthodontists, but this is how we see it - If we see the patient more often we apply less pressure per adjustment (less discomfort) and we keep better control so the teeth move faster. The alternative is to apply twice the pressure with more pain and a higher risk to the tooth. While the latter option allows orthodontists to see more patients, and therefore earn more money, it is not how we would treat our children, so it is not now we treat yours.

Quality Retainers

At Live Life Smiling we provide quality retainers. Most patients want fixed retainers, but few realise there are huge differences in the quality of various types of fixed retainers. Our fixed retainers are manufactured by qualified dental technicians and usually last for 10 to 20 years. The quality of our retainers is what allows us to provide our written guarantees with our work.


At Live Life Smiling we have 3 clinicians (an orthodontist, a dental therapist & a dental hygienist). To enable cross infection control we have 5 dental assistants cleaning, sterilising and providing clean instruments and materials as required. I know of some orthodontic practices that have 5 or 6 clinicians and only 3 dental assistants. I have spoken to assistants who have come from these practices and I see reasons for people to be worried. To maintain our cross infection control, at Live Life Smiling we have regular visits from Lin Lochead, a sterilising consultant, to review & improve our cross infection procedures.